Residential Services

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57.4 percent of burglaries took place during the day and 42.6 percent at night,don't be the talk at the block party. Feel proud of taking care of business and securing your family with proper and professional installation.

Rest well in your castle knowing that  you have crossed "KEYS" off your TO DO List. Overa decade of experience and knowledge in the comercial and residential realm.

Excellent service is priority!  Superior Local Locksmith near you.

House Lockout

Whether you are lockedout of your home or apartment, Schloss locksmiths are trained and qualified to meet your needs even of it is a lockout of your car or home office, reasonable prices that meet your budget.

Garage Locks


Ask us about push-button locks asan option, you will definately know who was the last one in.Whikle onsite, we can do a survey.

Locks Change/Repair

If you ave fallen victim of a break -in,  most likely you will need  to replace, and rekey your home whethe its a Condo, Apartment or home. Our locksmiths, can survey your needs, replace your locks, and add quality deadbolts with expert care.

Duplicate Keys

Keys, Keys, Keys, WE GOT "EM!Once in awhile we need keys, the Nanny, the Cleaners, the children or the house sitter, or the dog walker.

Call us for a match up.

Rekey/ Master key

Have you bought a new home, moved in to a new apartment? OR Landlord, and a tenant has moved out? Give us a call, we can  rekey that lock to your Master key, and create new ones for your convenience We are available to rekey, and create duplicates 24/7.

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

Ask us about push-button locks as an option, you will definately know who was the last one in.

Have the option of changing pins at your convenience.

Total Home Security

Don't be a victim. Don't let thieves take advantage of you, protect  your Castle. Have it is as easy as picking up the phone and setting a service appointment. We will do the rest.

Pick-Proof Cylinder Deadbolts

Ask us for our catalog of Deadbolts and Mortise locks.

Non-Destructive Entry

Means we are gentle experts. Schloss Locksmith are tradesmen and women that care about your property.

Burglary can leave you vulnerable. Don't risk your family security, call today.